Joe Kovacs Architect

I began my practice in 1994 with a significant church extension project. Since then I have been involved in a variety of project types, focusing on domestic architecture but also designing improvements to community centres and utility premises.
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My Passion

Our living and working spaces are integral to the satisfaction and pleasure we get from everyday life. I want to improve my clients’ lives as they spend each day in structures that flow effectively, look good and contribute to human wellbeing. In doing this we can make the best use of each individual site’s natural potential and material resources.

While the opportunity to design a building from scratch is always exciting, alterations and additions are equally worthy of careful design consideration. As we reshape buildings to serve changing needs, we can also conserve resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

Whether the project is a new build or some kind of remodelling, the challenge is always to reconcile the brief, budget, site context and regulatory constraints to create a space of delight and satisfaction.

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